Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Bird

I had a glorious Mother's Day experience this morning. I had been hearing a little chirping sound since I got up. I looked out on the patio and there was a little fluffy baby bird flying all around the patio. It flitted from one place to another, chirping and trying out its new wings. I'll bet it had just come from the nest very recently, may be even this morning. It knew we were watching, but was too young to be frightened by humans. It tried to get into the water lily pond, but it was covered with netting to keep the falling leaves out. We figured it was thirsty, and discovered that all of our bird baths had dried out from the wind. I went out and filled all of the bird baths and little containers that we use for the birds to drink from. Then I came in and got busy. When I looked out the back bedroom window into My Secret Garden, there it was, sitting on the branch of a purple bush, preening its feathers. It looked like it had already been in the bird bath. It saw me but kept on sitting. Then, amazingly, its mother came and bright the baby some food. It opened its lttle mouth just like in pictures and accpeted the food. As I watched it she came back again with more food. It made me think about mothers and their children. As much as I love birds, this really made it a fantastic Mother's Day for me. Life it good! Nature is awesome! Happy Mother's Day, everyone. If you are't a mother, then all of you take time to enjoy nature today.