Saturday, August 13, 2011

Save the Trees - Stop Junk on Cash Register Receipts

Does anyone pay any attention to all of that extra junk at the bottom of your cash register receipts? It's the ones that want to give you something, but all you have to do is go to their web site and give them your information. For that, you either have a chance to receive a free short stack of pancakes from IHop, or fill out a survey, or enter Walgreen's monthly sweepstakes to win $3,000 in cash, or whatever. I would like to know if anyone has ever gotten anything for giving up their e-mail address besides more e-mail? Think about it - they all have that junk at the bottom.

It's rather a pain in the neck when you keep your receipts and are balancing your checkbook, or reconciling your debit card charges when your bank statement comes in to find the dates and prices in the middle of all of those offers. I end up tearing it off the bottom when I save my receipts to balance my checkbook, so it does them no good to put it on my receipts.
Think about it - how many trees are wasted with so much extra junk printed on the extra paper that can range from 2 " to 4" or more of extra paper on a receipt for practically every store you go into? This happens all over the country. Maybe all over the world. It has to be millions of trees yearly.
What can you do about it? I sometimes tear the extra off and leave it with the cashier and tell her to tell the manager to pass the word on to "Save the Trees". Sometimes they even agree. I wonder who thought this up? Why did the practice spread so fast? Do they really think that people are going to believe that you get something for nothing?
Plus, at the grocery stores they print out a foot or more of savings coupons for things you never purchase. That's more trees. Leave that at the check-out counter, too.
We have no privacy anymore. Everything we do online can be seen, especially by Facebook (that's another post for another time). Every time we give some company our e-mail address, it gets passed on or used.
So, stop the madness and Save the Trees! Pass this on to your merchants. Tell them that you don't want extra junk printed on your cash register receipts.

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