Friday, August 12, 2011

What a Wonderful World It Would Be

I've always wanted to write a column to express my views on what would make our world and our lives a better and nicer place to live. I'm a fairly outspoken person, and I also feel that right is right and wrong is wrong - I'm a black and white person.

Since today's media and newspapers are so strictly driven by the everloving dollar, there is no room for easy reading. Newspapers delivers news (mostly bad) and is driven by advertisements.. Articles deal with rapes, murder, drugs, food, movie stars, world terror and lots of sports. You can't read articles about manners or self-improvement.

It is my aim to use my photography web site to still publish my photography while being to express my feelings about things that go on in the world. I'm hoping that you will not only follow me, but leave your comments.

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